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      Rubber Engineering

      Rubber Engineering

      ARTEMIS Rubber Engineers, Rubber Designers

      Rubber Engineer

      Rubber Engineer With Clients

      ARTEMIS Rubber is a rubber engineering and manufacturing company based near Denver. The North American operation of the 3rd generation, family-owned Jaeger companies, we are rubber engineers and manufacturers of top-quality products since 1942. Our highly-trained engineers will serve you from initial concept to final testing,

      In addition to more than 70 years of manufacturing expertise, ARTEMIS Rubber and its Jaeger Group partners worldwide offer you superior client support with rubber engineering expertise. We offering these expertise and abilities in-house, under the careful supervision of our 3rd generation family ownership.

      Rubber Design – ARTEMIS Rubber Designer

      We are expert rubber designers, one-stop solutions for creating rubber products, from simple parts to sophisticated assemblies. We also offer rubber design, materials selection,? engineering, process and tooling design, manufacturing, testing, and certification.

      Our rubber engineering and client support is enhanced by offering a broad range of? simulation tools and rapid-prototyping techniques. We offer computer-aided design (CAD) abilities for rubber design, using high-tech programs including CATIATM, ProEngineer?, AutoCAD?, SolidWorks, IDEAS?, and other CAD software.

      Rubber Engineering CAD Capabilities

      Rubber Engineering

      Rubber Engineering - Simulation Program

      Simulation Tools and Validation: ARTEMIS Rubber’s robust simulation abilities include MARC? FEA-Analysis for verifying design, and MoldFlow? for verifying tool design.

      Rapid Prototyping: We offer you rapid prototpying in rubber design, using high technology tools including sterio lithography and selective laser sintering.

      Material Selection and Compound Formulation: Expert-trained ARTEMIS Rubber engineers will choose the ideals materials and reinforcement for each use, weighing factors such as durability, frequency, static and dynamic load, environmental conditions, and more.

      Material Certification and Analysis: We also offer materials comparison, material property testing (including DIN and ASTM), and material durability and aging testing, all at the on-site rubber engineering labs of the Jaeger companies.

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